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Meet Our Team

In The Moment Financial Services aims to work closely with Individuals and small businesses to produce minority entrepreneurs as well as coach them in building generational wealth. Meet our team below!

Jardé Allen


I am a Tax Expert and the CEO of In The Moment Financial Services. I left Corporate America and pursued my passion in helping others achieve their financial goals. I have always had the drive to start my own business but spent a lot of time trying to wait for things to fall into place before getting started.


I quickly realized that I just had to put one foot in front of the other and move! I always had a strong passion for connecting with my community in tangible ways through missionary work, young adult programs, as well as mentorship through different organizations, so starting this company is my way of doing so while following my dreams of being a full-time Entrepreneur.

Andrea Edwards

Executive Assistant

Hello, my name is Andrea Edwards. I am an amazing mother of a very energetic toddler. I have my Bachelor's degree from The Pennsylvania State University and my Masters in Science from St. Joseph's University. 


I started working with In The Moment Financial Services in 2020 part time as a Certified Tax Preparer. After that year I quickly realized that our customers and our team are who I would love to grow with on a daily basis. During my time preparing taxes, I enjoy having an input in the financial plan for each customer for the following tax year. Now my role at In The Moment Financial Services is Executive Assistant. I am able to not only bring ideas to the team but interact with all customers in all aspects of our business from beginning to end. 


Growing up, the adults in my life did not talk much about financial planning let alone taxes. Today, I get to be a resource for not only my family but for our community. Working with the team at In The Moment Financial Service where we are all fully invested in the well being of each client's financial health. We will be able to impact generations to come because of the financial decisions we make today. 


I/we are eager to work with you. 

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Candace Wright

Chief Accountant

I am the Chief Accountant of In The Moment Financial Services. I am a proud boy mom of two amazing little guys. Motherhood is a gift filled with love, laughter and adventure. I am determined to show my boys a solid example of a strong, accomplished, resilient, successful business woman and mother.

I am a Temple Fox School of Business Alumni and Urban League of Philadelphia Leadership Forum graduate with 15+ years of experience in Corporate Accounting. I have always been very passionate about helping others and often participated in philanthropic activities outside of my full time job. I genuinely enjoy pouring into others, giving them information, inspiration, guidance and even a helping hand to accomplish their goals.


In my current position at In The Moment Financial Services I am able to blend my two loves; accounting and helping others in my community to reach their financial goals. Being part of a company that values integrity is so important to me. I am super excited for what the future holds and the clients we will impact. Our small businesses need allies and resources that truly support their success. We are here to help!

Tony Allen

 Property Manager

My name is Tony Allen and I purchased my first property in 1996 and quickly fell in love with real estate! Born and raised North Philadelphia I didn’t grow up around ot homeownership but I knew it was possible. 


In 2020 my wife and I began building our real estate portfolio and we now own 9 units fully tenant occupied. I truly believe that having honest, respectful, and professional relationships with your tenants is the key to success.


At In the Moment Real Estate I am responsible for the upkeep of all of our clients properties and maintaining strong tenant relationships. We pride ourselves in never having a vacancy more than 30 days and owning 9 cash flowing properties.

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La'Quan Williams

Social Media Manager

I am the Social Media Manager at ITM Financial Services. That means I am the face behind all the funny memes, tax tips, and video production. I plan, create and execute our content strategy on all platforms with the goal of helping to attract the right audience and grow our following and clients. 

A bit about me: I grew up in West Philadelphia and I graduated from Penn State University in 2014 with a bachelors in Public Relations. I started L. Williams Media before the pandemic in 2018 after quitting my job in corporate America to pursue my own business. I am passionate about social media and the power it has to help people create new revenue streams and educate others. 

My goal is to work with businesses that have an aligned mission to empower the black community through financial literacy, advocacy, and career development. I partnered with ITM in December of 2020 and quickly became a part of the family! I am always here to help! Feel free to connect with me on IG! 

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