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The ITM Team!


In The Moment Financial Services aims to work closely with Individuals and small businesses to produce minority entrepreneurs as well as coach them in building generational wealth.

Where A Moment With Us Changes Your Financial Future.

Meet Our Experts!


   I am a Tax Expert and the CEO of In The Moment Financial Services. I left Corporate America and pursued my passion in helping others achieve their financial goals. I have always had the drive to start my own business but spent a lot of time trying to wait for things to fall into place before getting started. I quickly realized that I just had to put one foot in front of the other and move! I always had a strong passion for connecting with my community in tangible ways through missionary work, young adult programs, as well as mentorship through different organizations, so starting this company is my way of doing so while following my dreams of being a full-time Entrepreneur.


Jarde' Allen



   I am a mother of an amazing one year old son and a Penn State Alumni. I currently work in Corporate America and as a Certified Tax Preparer for In the Moment Financial Services. I aspire to teach others like myself the benefits of having control over your finances. Growing up the adults in my life did not know much about taxes, therefore they trusted big tax companies to prepare them. By doing so, they did not have the ability to fully gain knowledge about how to maximize their return and obtain money we legally have the rights to, which lead me to my passion for financial literacy. I want to be a resource within my community to help provide others with financial advice that they can pass along to their children. This is something our younger generation should be equip with while in high school so that they are able to make better financial decisions as a young adult navigating through the world. I am ready to take action in my community and all those that I encounter.


Andrea Edwards

Executive Assistant


I am a wife, mom, credit specialist, event planner and entrepreneur. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors’ in business and later obtained my MBA from Shenandoah University. I am a tax preparer, and I am passionate about helping those in my community achieve their financial goals to create a better future not only for themselves but their families. I look forward to serving you and walking you through each step of your experience with In the Moment Financial Services.


Anjeanette Kibler



I am the Marketing Manager for In the Moment Financial Services. I own an up-and-coming media company that helps other small business effectively communicate their mission and goals to the public. Any company's vision can be brought to life with originality and the proper strategies. Working with In The Moment Financial Services challenges me to effectively communicate beneficial information that can change someone's life in a creative way. I believe that minorities should be educated on financial literacy and have access to resources that will help them grow in order to create generational wealth.

Kiana Pulchan



I am a certified tax preparer rendering my services Nationwide. I believe financial health is often overlooked and can sometimes be a taboo topic to discuss. Furthermore, I specialize in credit restoration assisting others to increase their credit scores and effectively guide them toward financial freedom. After working in the health care field throughout the years, I had the opportunity to witness patients enter one way and leave with restored hopes and improved health which motivated me to assist others in an area which is often misconceived or neglected. That is why, I was changed my career path and started helping others in matter of finance.

Vernon Kibler



I received my BA in Media Studies and Production with a concentration in Media

Business and Entrepreneurship from Temple University in 2018. Currently I serve as the Director of Media and Culture at Lil Filmmakers, a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing young artists for a successful career in the film industry. Her PSA about young women and positive body image, I Love Being Me was an official Black Star Film Festival selection in 2013.

I am also the Office Manager at In the Moment Financial Services. As someone with a passion

for serving my community, I strongly believe that access to financial services and

information should be more widely accessible to everyone in our community. As a member of

the ITM team, I am delighted to ensure a pleasant customer service experience.

Anissa Cooper


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