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Meet The C0-Founders

    Jarde’ Allen is currently a full-time Entrepreneur. she has achieved
much success in Corporate America with companies such as Enterprise Car Rental,
TJX Companies, and Five Below holding various positions like General Manger and
Allocation Analyst. she has always had the passion to start her own business but
spent a lot of time trying to wait for things to fall into place before getting started.
Recently she has realized that she just has to put one foot in front of the other and move!
Jarde' has  always had a strong passion for connecting with her community in tangible ways
through missionary work, young adult programs, as well as mentorship through different organizations.

    Within the past 10 years she has been a part of organizations such as The
Urban League of Philadelphia, Seek Out Success, Power Up, and the Youth Ministry at
Epiphany Fellowship to name a few. During her involvement, she successfully planned and executed youth
retreats and conferences for over 100 participants, minority leadership events for over
200 participants, as well as being a panel speaker for Enterprise Holdings Diversity Day
2017 and 2018. Her goal is to become a resource to my community and to hold the door
open for other people trying to succeed at life but with limited access to resources. She is
motivated by helping others around me set goals, plan, and execute. She thrives off of
helping you achieve the unachievable!

Jarde' Allen

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Enasha is a Deaconess, Wife, Mom of two, and currently an Entrepreneur and is considered a Specialist/Guru in the area of Finances and Credit more specifically!
She comes with collegiate education in Business Administration, Finances, as well as Law with a
concentration in Contract Law through her many degrees she has earned over time. She also has
worked in higher education in the finance department, with the renowned Student Loan Doctor,
and in the finance department in the Car Sales Arena. Her life experience, on the job training and
education has led to her mission to strengthen a person's desire for financial growth by being the
voice of encouragement while facing the problems together through mind elevation which will
cause one to view things from above it all, which is where one is able to fully comprehend the
significance to the whole picture.

Her services have successfully removed inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete information from
credit profiles, improving current scenarios and future opportunities. Her goal is always to guide
people to help protect their credit, finances, family and their future. In efforts to achieve that
GOD-Given mission, She has partnered with several companies and individuals in order to help
clients all across America get back on the track to financial stability. The parallel mission is to
provide services which offers financial growth and opportunity through consumer education and financial literacy. She maintains a focus of efficiently eliminating the financial burden of
negative credit, while providing her clients with an experience based on ease and integrity. She
prides herself on continuously suppling innovative services and customer satisfaction- allowing
her clients to reach their greatest financial potential!

Enasha Bradshaw

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